COSA Annual Open Exhibition 2017

Cheshire Open Studios Artists celebrate their 20th artist open studios event in...

17th Sep

Jan Johnson

Fascinated by texture and colour and its infinite possibilities. Always striving to...

07th Sep

Julia Midgley

Drawing, Printmaking, Reportage. Etching press, workshop plus portfolios, bargain boxes, and works...

07th Sep

Frances Seba Smith

Frances Seba Smith is an artist, and printmaker trained in Canada and...

07th Sep

Sophie Parr

I am a teacher of Art and Photography, my degree is in...

07th Sep

Gillian Hamilton

Still life and portraiture artist working mainly in acrylic.

07th Sep

Bridget McCarthy

My paintings represent the all original source. Blended and glazed with esoteric...

07th Sep

Suzanne Bethell

Largely abstract work in oils, acrylic and mixed media and original monoprints, ...

06th Sep

Paulette Farrell

Paulette is a fine art portrait artist.  She draws portraits and figures...

04th Sep

Incubation Arts

Incubation Arts aims to be an arts facilitator with a permanent interactive Joy...

31st Aug

Rebecca Yoxall

A selection of work is available as cushions, tote bags and prints.

29th Aug

Diana Bernice Tackley

Award winning professional artist, designer ¬†& broadcaster,Bernice’s diverse subject matter is inspired...

28th Aug

Jean Briers

Subjects portrayed are landscapes, flowers and animals, both wild and domestic, using...

02nd Sep

Funky Aardvark Attic Artists

The Funky Aardvark Attic Artists work in a busy studio together. They...

03rd Aug

Debbie Goldsmith

Debbie Goldsmith is a painter who has been practicing for over 20...

03rd Jul