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On September 2, 2014 by Midge

Hazlehurst Studios is a creative hub situated in the heart of Runcorn established in 2012 .  We currently have 8 artists, plus associate members, with expertise in a number of disciplines including, photography, textiles, printmaking and illustration.  Our workshop programme offers opportunities to work with artists to widen experience and develop new skills.

Artists at Hazelhurst studios include:

Maria Tarn

Email: maria.tarn@yahoo.co.uk

In my work I haven’t specifically set out to make art on a particular subject; however recurring themes are for me people, places, environments and the impact they have on each other. I am interested in how individuals work to create their own life and personal spaces in crowded cities. I try to capture how individuals have left their mark in their place. I work from photographs and direct experience. The use of a sketch book is very important for my research and drawing development. From this preparatory work ideas are formed which culminates in a picture. I mostly use collage techniques with fabric and paper. I use the sewing machine for free style embroidery and drawing on the prepared background. If I have drawn it in my sketch book I feel I can draw it with the machine.

I have recently been working on my ‘Allotments’ series.

I have exhibited locally in the Brindley Arts Centre Cabinet and for the past 10 years as a member of the TX Textile group on Frodsham. My work is in private collections in England, Berlin and Hong Kong. I have completed a small number of commissioned works too.

I have a piece of work currently in WarringtonMuseum with the Brindley Markmakers group based on the Cabinet of Curiosities.

I am a joint director of Hazlehurst studios and the Paper boat Gallery in Ellesmere Port

Cathy Rounthwaite

Email: cathyrounthwaite@hotmail.com

As a practicing artist with a background in textiles and a degree in embroidery my work is often concerned with the physical engagement with materials. This has developed as three dimensional sculptural forms and handmade books.  However I am currently exploring print as a medium, working with relief print, collagraphs and more recently experimenting with non-toxic etching.  My work is engaged with tradition and narrative and with the impact of English folklore on modern culture and has been included in several exhibitions.

As a joint director of Hazlehurst Studios I have been actively involved in setting up the print facility alongside running textile workshops in the studio and community. I am also a member of Markmakers, the Halton based artist collective.

Hayley Holden

Email: hayleyjaneholden@hotmail.co.uk

Facebook: hayjayoh

Twitter: @Hayjayoh

“My patterns and artwork reflect an appreciation of colour, found objects and texture. I am deeply inspired by fantasy worlds, reality and world culture which are themes that often come across as subject matter in personal projects.

Primarily my work is intended for use in the textile pattern design market.
My process involves using traditional printmaking, illustration and stitch techniques and then digitally manipulating my artwork into patterns. I love the juxtaposition of combining these traditional hand crafted processes with new autonomous digital methods of fabric printing

Carys Hughes

Email:  carysanne@hotmail.com

My artwork is a story without words a visual portral of my memories and nightmares, of stories told to me as a child, Welsh songs about a rejected little girl who longs to drown her sorrows; that play over and over in a scene that has brown tinged edges. Growing up in the shadow of the bleak slag-grey wet landscape where old ladies frowned at small children sitting in their pew.

I work with rejected toys and cloth, which have their own memory and communicate a narrative that is both personal and universal. Embroidering the pieces with fictitious details from tales of my childhood exaggerating and inventing elements that keep the telling of the story ambiguous, mixing it all up in a fabric pot”.

Allison John

Email: john3883@gmail.com

Niki and Casey Carlin

Email:  blackglassstudios@gmail.com

Claire Pitt

Email: crpitt@gmail.com

Nick Carrillo

Email: Nicolas.Carrillo@trafford.ac.uk



Email: enquiries@hazlehurststudios.co.uk

Website: www.hazlehurststudios.co.uk

Studio Location: 73a High Street, Runcorn.  Studios located above garage, access through lime green door between roller shutters.  Ring bell for entry.  Parking behind in the Brindley Arts Centre car park

Studio Directions: Located in Runcorn Old Town, between Natwest and Lloyds Banks.  Follow signs for Brindley Arts Centre to park and walk through to High Street.

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