IFAR Mixtape series

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January 1, 2015 @ 12:00 am

This is an ongoing project, open to everyone, looking for sounds,
be it in any format audio, larger files, over 10 mb send via wetransfer,
input can can mp3 or wav, ideally,
320 mp3 is good, wav even better,
but you should not be put off by this,
I’m wanting sounds from people who normalling:
don’t send sounds.
It can be anything.
The more real, or strange the better.
There is no genre bounders.
All sounds sent in maybe remixed, altered,
to fit into the mix.
But everyone will be credited.

Any questions or inquires send to institute4alienresearch@gmail.com
And that is the same address for contributions

It is an ongoing series so your input may not be used striaght away

Making the mix work is countermount, the most important thing

Shaun Robert

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