Brigitte Watkinson

On April 17, 2017 by Midge

My artwork intends to stimulate and delight the viewer and to provide a different perception of subjects and objects that look past the obvious. Currently my main focus is to develop the ‘secret life of trees’ series though the ‘neon nudes’ series provides some needed variety.

Having grown up in the Bavarian forest, my childhood was filled with stories of trolls and elves. For me, trees are great storytellers and in my paintings I try to bring this element to life and give them the personalities they suggest. I express this through a quirky use of colour and texture. The tiny slugs that are hidden in these paintings are a key element of the story telling process and add an element of light-heartedness and fun.

As a keen runner I regularly explore the Cheshire countryside and often travel further afield in our camper van. Meeting new trees in new locations is always inspiring; it’s like meeting old friends in new places. As I snap views and landscapes on the move, I mainly paint from photographs. I believe this gives the landscapes an additional dimension though, further developing the stories that I attempt to tell. The finished paintings often look a lot different to how I initially envisaged. During the painting process I try to look beyond the immediate distractions and allow the paintings to develop their own atmosphere throughout the process, almost like an unconscious ‘question and answer’ session; a story that ends with an obvious mood and feel. My ultimate goal is to allow the viewer to develop empathy with the subject.

As a self-taught artist, the learning and experimenting process is continuous. In order to further develop my existing skills I enrolled in the water colour Diploma course with the London Art College.

To contact Brigitte:

Telephone: 07846031300

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Facebook /Instagram @makeslugsbeautiful

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