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The following are documents for use by Cheshire Open Studios Artists only.

These consist of Forms, Signs & Notices & General Guidance Information to help you with opening your studio and where possible are available in both Microsoft Word & PDF format.

If you do not have Word or a PDF viewer:

Word documents can be viewed / updated with Open Office (FREE open source software) which can be downloaded and installed from here 

PDF files are viewed with FREE Adobe PDF reader which can be downloaded and installed from here

Please read each section carefully, download and use as needed. Items that are marked as MANDATORY must be adhered to as an artist opening your studios as part of Cheshire Open Studio’s.

Please note: All documents on this page are copyright protected and are for the sole use of Cheshire Open Studios artist events & activities. It is not permitted to use any of these documents for other purposes without the written permission of Cheshire Open Studios.

Copyright @2010 Cheshire Open Studios.


Forms & Documents for OPEN STUDIO ARTISTS


Health & Safety Risk Assessment Form (MANDATORY)

Prior to opening your studios all artists must perform a Health & Safety Risk Assessment. Please download & complete a form for your studio and forward to the email or post as stated in the form.

COS Health & Safety Risk Assessment Form (WORD)

COS Health & Safety Risk Assessment (PDF)

Accident Report Form (MANDATORY)

This form is to be used to record any accidents that may occur during your open weekends. Print out and keep a few copies in your studios during the open weekends. It is important that any incidents that occur are recorded for insurance purposes.

COS Accident Report Form (WORD)


Visitor Feedback Questionnaire (MANDATORY)

The following are links for copies of the visitor feedback form for this year. Please print copies to keep in your studio for visitors to complete. Please also display the Visitors Feedback Poster below in your studio to help prompt people to complete the form.

Visitor Feedback Questionnaire 2017 (Word)

Visitor Feedback Questionnaire 2017 (PDF)

Alternatively you can also direct visitors to complete the form online here (preferred option) or suggest to visitors to go online and add comments to your profile on the website (quick option).

This could be done whilst they are at your studio or as a follow up email to visitors that are part of your own emailing lists. This year we would like to achieve at least 80% feedback from visitors to our studios!

Please see below for poster to display to request Visitor Feedback to be displayed in your studio.


Artist Feedback Questionnaire (MANDATORY)

When your open studio event is complete (i.e. all days/weekend openings are finished) please complete the artists feedback form which can be found by selecting the link here:

Online Artist feedback form (click here). Password for page is same as sent out for this page (cosart-2017).

Artist Feedback Questionnaires 2017 (WORD) 

Artist Feedback Questionnaires 2017 (PDF)

It is available in WORD & PDF format which you can download, complete & email or print and post or you can use the online form to submit your feedback (preferred option and is quicker to do).

Please complete your feedback soon after your event as things will be fresh in your mind. Your feedback about the event is important to us and for the future continuation of the project.


Signs & Notices

Fire Notice (MANDATORY)

As your studios is open to the public it is mandatory to display a fire notice. Please print a copy, amend if necessary and display in your studio.

Fire Notice (Microsoft Word)

Fire Notice (PDF)


Open Studio Disclaimer (MANDATORY)

Visitors to your studio must be informed regarding liability and to ensure that they are aware visiting your studio is at their own risk. Please print a copy, amend if necessary & display in your studio.

Open Studio Disclaimer (Microsoft Word)

Open Studio Disclaimer (PDF)


Open Studio Signs (MANDATORY)

Visitors to your studio will be looking for the orange & black signs pointing to where your studio is located. If they don’t see the sign they could miss your studio and give up looking.  It helps to display these with some brightly coloured balloons in prominent positions by the roadside and setup as a trail to guide and help people to find your studio easily. They also sometimes attract and prompt passers by to visit you.

These signs are designed to print onto an A4 sheet of paper. Please download, print & laminate as needed. These can be displayed to help guide visitors to your studio during your open weekend.

Use the following if you have a colour printer (i.e. has the orange printable background in JPG format). These can be directly printed to your printer or copied into a WORD document and resized to fill a page.

Orange Sign Left (click here)

Orange Sign Right (click here)

If printing onto orange paper use the following (i.e. has a white background with black text in PDF format)

White Sign Left

White Sign Right

PLEASE NOTE: All signs must be taken down at the end of each day i.e. shortly after your studio closes at 5pm.

If you are unable to print the signs please contact us. Unfortunately we have limited printing resources however we will do our best to help you in any way we can.


Visitor Feedback Questionnaire Poster (MANDATORY)

All visitors to our event should complete at least one feedback questionnaire to be returned to us. This can be done online or in paper form. This does not need to be done at each studio i.e. just the last one they visit so politely ask if they have completed one before they leave your studio. If not kindly invite or remind them to complete one.

Obtaining visitor feedback is important to both you and us as it helps shape our processes and help us evaluate what (if any) improvements are needed. It also gives us an idea of the type of visitors that engage in our event which is vital for our marketing and promotions for the project to continue for future years.

This is a poster to request your visitors to complete a visitor feedback form and inform them that it can be completed online. Please print and display in your studio.

Visitor Feedback Questionnaire Poster (Microsoft Word)

Visitor Feedback Questionnaire Poster (PDF)


Promotional Materials

Brochure (Final Copy)

Here is a PDF copy of the brochure which you can send or attach to mailouts/e-newsletters or print pages from to put up in your studios to help guide visitors to other artists near you. Please advise visitors to go online to the website for the maps as unfortunately these did not come out well in the final printed brochure.

COSBROCHURE Final Draft (PDF only)


Press Release & Poster

A copy of this years press release. Please download & distribute as necessary.

The first page of the press release can be used as a poster to display or distribute to local shops etc in your region or in your studio.



Copy of this year’s poster is included with the press release above i.e. please use first page of the press release. Distribute as needed to help promote COS in your area. Ask local shops, libraries, clubs & pubs etc to put one in their windows.

Neighbour’s Notice

The following is a sample template to let your neighbour’s know you will be opening and to help promote the event. Please download and edit to suit your own purposes. This is especially useful for those opening their studios for the first time and can be posted in letter boxes with a copy of the brochure.

Neighbour’s Notice (WORD)


General Information

Tips for opening


If you are new to Cheshire Open Studios the following provides some useful tips and advice for opening your studio to the public. We trust you will find this information useful.

Tips for Opening Your Studio (Microsoft Word)

Tips for Opening Your Studio (PDF)


If you have any difficulties downloading or accessing these files or have any questions please email Midge or complete our contact form here.

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